Jen Strum, CTC CPDT-KA is a positive reinforcement dog trainer, dedicated to the humane treatment and compassionate care of animals.  She has chosen to spend her life working with dogs and helping them and their owners to maintain healthy relationships. She attended an intensive program at Academy for Dog Trainers at the San Francisco SPCA, where she received her certification in dog training and behavioral counseling. Prior to attending the SPCA program, she volunteered at multiple shelters walking and training dogs, and devoted time and attention to studying Animal Behavior and Psychology, which gave her a great understanding of the canine species, adding to the rapport she always had with them.

She acquired further knowledge in these subject areas under the direction of experts in the topic at the SPCA. Having worked with a large variety of dog breeds from chihuahuas to mastiffs, she feels very comfortable around dogs of all sizes and dispositions. She is a lover of all animals, working to ensure their happiness and safety. Along with dog training, Jen Strum is also an experienced pet sitter and dog walker, where she employed her knowledge of animal behavior, administration of medications, as well as how to handle medical emergencies (Red Cross certified in Pet First Aid).  She continues to educate herself in all matters of responsible pet care and the latest developments in dog training in order to ensure the best possible care for her clients.  After 10 years in Brooklyn, NY,  Jen is now sharing her expertise with the pets and pet parents of Baltimore, MD

  •   Friend to the Furry's training methods promote fun & stress-free learning that happens at your dog's comfort level

  • A healthy dog and peace of mind for you - With Friend to the Furry, you'll know that your dog is being kept safe and healthy by someone who is knowledgeable about the canine species.

  •  Friend to the Furry takes your dog's needs into consideration by incorporating play, mental stimulation, and health maintenance into every service offered.

  • We want you to be your dog's best friend.  Friend to the Furry has a philosophy that the time spent with your dog should be the best part of his/her day.  With a strict policy of keeping your dog out of trouble through only the most humane methods and positive reinforcement training, you and your dog's bond will be stronger than ever.

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About Jen Strum, CTC CPDT-KA

At Friend to the Furry, we believe in the potential of dogs and the dog-human relationship.

We help dogs reach their full potential using only the most humane and scientifically proven positive reinforcement dog training methods. Through teaching people to better understand and communicate with their dogs, they are able to meet their dog's needs and incorporate these needs into the training process.  As a result, dogs learn better manners, and fears and anxieties causing undesirable behaviors are alleviated by getting to the root of the problem. 

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