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Group dog training classes are a great way to teach dogs new skills while continuing their socialization with other dogs, and a great way to train your dog to work well despite distractions.

All Friend to the Furry dog training classes use positive reinforcement dog training methods, using food rewards as well as life rewards to motivate the dog to do the right thing.  Attention is also placed on teaching everyone in the class the proper way to use food rewards (as a reward and not a bribe) so that food does not need to be in the picture in order for your dog to listen to you.  You will also learn how to properly wean off of treats as rewards without losing good behavior.

All classes are small in size so that every student (dog and human) gets individualized attention and no dog leaves class without getting the benefits of every lesson taught.  At the same time, your dog learns to perform these behaviors in a stimulating atmosphere with other dogs and to listen despite distraction, while you learn how to focus your dog in exciting scenarios and get response despite excitement.