Come back! Registration Application

Registration is complete upon receipt of  enrollment fee and approval is based on an assessment interview conducted over the phone.  

Feel free to call Jen at 347-560-3647 or email with any questions regarding the class

Classes meet weekly at meet weekly at McGolrick Park, Greenpoint, Brooklyn for registered and approved dogs.

(Exact Location given upon registration)

Next Class: This Saturday

Time of class:  10:30am-11:30am

Cost per class:  $35

Instructor:  Jen Strum, CTC CPDT
Register using the form on this page (You may need to scroll if on a cell phone or tablet)

PLEASE NOTE: This class is not for dogs who are reactive or aggressive.  If you have a dog who is reactive or aggressive, please contact me about in-home consultations and private lessons


Come back! – A reliable recall class

Exercises and Games to introduce off-leash training and Teach Reliable Recall 


Recall or coming when called is one of the most important behaviors you can teach your dog.  It can also be difficult to achieve full reliability due to the number of distractions our dogs need to ignore when called, and finding the right motivations to make it happen.

This class will teach you the rules for reliable recall as well as fun games to play with your dog to make them more motivated and more reliable in coming back to you.  Some topics we will focus on:

  • Creating more engagement between you and your dog to create a dog who checks in with you.
  • Working within the rules of reliable recall to build a better recall and a dog who wants to return to you by knowing when to call, when not to call, when to reward, what your dog will consider rewarding or not rewarding in different situations.
  • Building and generalizing your dog’s reliability at different distances and distraction levels.
  • Creating excitement around recall to get your dog to come back to you at full speed

This class will be taught outdoors in McGolrick Park on long leads to keep your dog safe while allowing for recalls at distances up to 30 feet away.  Long leads will be available for use in class.

Call 347-560-3647