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Walk & Train

Does your dog pull on the leash? Does he have a great desire to chase after and discover new things that makes him a little difficult to walk? Friend to the Furry's Walk & Train services can help you and your dog enjoy your time outdoors together more by using humane, gentle, and fun dog training methods which decrease your dogs unwanted behaviors by motivating them to do the right thing instead.

The Walk & Train service includes 5 walks and a consultation/skill transferring session for each week of dog training. Walks are done as hourly one-on-one dog training sessions between the dog and the trainer in order to achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible. A complimentary goal assessment ensures desired results, which can be seen and enjoyed as early as your first transferring session after the first week!

Walk & Train available in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Sometimes, there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.  As much as you want to train your dog, other obligations seem to get in the way, and your dog's behavior suffers.  With our day training services, certified dog trainer Jen Strum can come to your home and train your dog while you are at work or otherwise occupied.  Day training sessions are sold as week-long packages.  While working with your dog during solo training sessions, Jen Strum will teach your dog behaviors and put them on cue, and work with you to prevent old behaviors.  The work is based on a complimentary goal assessment where a custom training plan is designed, encompassing your priorities in training.  At week's end, your dog will have learned new behaviors, which will then be transferred to you for your use.

Day training available in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bushwick, Lower Manhattan, and other areas of Brooklyn depending on availability.

Customized packages are also available to fit the specific needs of your furry friend. If you have something in mind that you do not see listed, please do not hesitate to ask about it.

Day Training

Sit And Train

An innovative service from Friend to the Furry

Does your dog have issues with their behavior in your home - chewing, housetraining, etc? Perhaps you should try Friend to the Furry's sit and train service. If you are going away, you are probably looking to relax, and no one wants to come home to problems after a relaxing vacation. Have certified dog trainer Jen Strum stay with your dog while you are away, and come home to a better trained dog.

Friend to the Furry's Sit & Train service is like a doggy boot camp in your own home. This unique service combines the in-home care and individualized attention of pet sitting with the intensive training of a board & train, and since the training takes place in your home, your dog learns to behave in your home and not someone else's.

Like our Walk & Train services, Sit & Train includes a complimentary goal assessment before the commencement of training to ensure desired results and a skill transferring session upon completion. 
Sit & train is available in Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Fort Greene, Cobble Hill, and other areas of Brooklyn depending on availability

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