Which Service Should You Choose?

If you have things you'd like to work on involving your dog's behavior inside your home, choose day training.  With our day training service, a certified dog trainer can come to your home and train your dog while you are at work or otherwise occupied.  We'll work with you to prevent old behaviors, and your dog will learn new behaviors to replace them.  Day training is great for puppy training, basic manners, counter surfers, table beggars, patience building, door greetings, and more.

If you're having trouble with your dog's walks, choose Walk &Train. Does your dog pull on the leash? Does he have a great desire to chase after and discover new things that makes him a little difficult to walk? Perhaps, he reacts to other dogs or humans when on walks.  Friend to the Furry's Walk & Train services can help you and your dog enjoy your time outdoors together more by using humane, gentle, and fun dog training methods which decrease your dogs unwanted behaviors by motivating them to do the right thing instead.


specialty dog training services - DAY TRAINING AND WALK & TRAIN

Reasons Why Day Training and Walk & Train May Work Best for You

1, You'd like a head start in your dog's training

2. With a trainer taking on the majority of the work, you can achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible

3. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.  As much as you want to train your dog, other obligations seem to get in the way, and your dog's behavior suffers

4. We come to you and work where your dog's issues are occurring.  Unlike board and train services, day training and walk & train serivices allow us to work in the place where your dog's issues happen, which gives us one less thing to proof when training is done

5.  These services are designed to make behaviors stick by paying attention to both sides of the leash while the trainer takes on the brunt of the work.  We involve you from the start, stay in close communication throughout the training, and include follow-up appointments after the training is done to make sure you got what you needed.

6. Like all Friend to the Furry services, all work is done by using the most modern, humane, and gentle training methods.

One week package includes:

  • 5 one-on-one training sessions between your dog and the trainer (60 minutes each)
  • 1 transfer session
  • 1 follow-up session

Price: $630 

Two week package includes:

  • 10 one-on-one training sessions between your dog and the trainer (60 minutes each)
  • 2 transfer sessions (one per week)
  • 1 follow-up session

Price $1160

Three week package includes:

  • 15 one-on-one training sessions between your dog and the trainer (60 minutes each)
  • 3 transfer sessions (one per week)
  • 1 follow-up session

Price $1690

Four week package.includes:

  • 20 one-on-one training sessions between your dog and the trainer (60 minutes each)
  • 4 transfer sessions (one per week)
  • 1 follow-up session

Price: $2220

So how does it work?

1.  We set up our initial dog training consultation and send you a goal assessment form.  The form is then used to create a custom training plan, encompassing your priorities in training.  

2. We meet for our initial consultation to involve you from the start so training stays on track During this session we will assess and prioritize goals. go over pertinent information about your dog’s behavior, set up situational management to prevent old behaviors/reinforcement of undesired behavior, teach foundation behaviors and give you things to reinforce as the trainer works with your dog

3.  This is where the majority of the work happens.  Trainer will meet with your dog for one-on-one sessions, teaching new behaviors, proofing and generalizing them, and putting them on cue for your use.

4. We will have a transfer session once the first week's work is done and for each week of your training package.  During this session, you will be introduced to the new behaviors your dog has learned that week as well as how to utilzie them in your everyday life

5.  Once training is done, we will meet again in a week or 2 to make sure things are going smoothly, tweak any handling issues, and possibly give the behavior a final push

Day training and  Walk & Train Services are available in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bushwick, Lower Manhattan, and Long Island City.

Day Training and Walk & Train Packages

All packages require an initial consultation costing $150

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