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Dog Training Services in Brooklyn and NYC - In-Home Consultations, Private Lessons, Day Training, and group dog training classes

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In all services, dogs are kept happy and out of trouble exclusively through the use of the most humane methods and positive reinforcement dog training

Why Positive Reinforcement Training?

  • When learning through positive reinforcement, dogs have fun while learning, which facilitates the learning process.
  • Dogs trained using positive reinforcement methods become more confident from earning the things that they want as a result of their own actions.
  • Using positive reinforcement dog training makes your dog think, and thus reduces excess energy and satisfies your dog's need for mental stimulation.
  • Positive reinforcement dog training is rooted in learning theory and science.
  • Positive reinforcement dog training creates a bond between the dog and dog trainer/human as well as positive associations with doing the behaviors that are desired of them

Friend to the Furry's dog training services are designed to get dogs on the right track, and to work with each individual's needs and schedule by offering a multitude of options.

Certified dog trainer and behavior counselor Jen Strum uses truly gentle and humane dog training methods that avoid the possibility of nasty side effects caused by harsher dog training methods, while motivating your dog to exhibit proper behavior. Through the use of scientifically proven and effective dog training methods, fearful dogs learn to be more confident, all dogs have fun learning better behavior, puppies are given a great start to a happy life, and pet parents learn how to improve their dog's behavior as well as their relationship.