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This class is great as a starting point for dogs looking to get into agility or simply a way to have fun and do more with your dog.

Agility is a dog-sport involving teamwork between a dog and a handler as the dog is lead  through, over, under, and across obstacles as well as around the course where these obstacles are set up.  The sport is a great way to build a better relationship with your dog while having fun and exercising your dog mentally and physically.

In this introductory course, you will learn the basics and foundations of canine agility.  The classwork consists of foundation exercises to motivate your dogs and get them used to following you as well as build skills they will need to do the obstacles. They will also be introduced to obstacles used or similar to those used on a professional agility course.  You will be given ways to practice these exercises and (where possible) obstacles at home to give your dog even more mental stimulation and physical exercise.  

The 4 main types of obstacles in agility are:

  • Jumping – over bars, through hoops/tires
  • Weaving – through poles
  • Contact obstacles – Obstacles dealing with climbing and balancing - A-frame, Teeter totter, Dog walk (plank)
  • Tunnels

As an introductory course, all dogs will be able to work at their own pace and on their own levels towards the ultimate goals of performing the official obstacles.

As you lead your dogs through the various obstacles and exercises, you will learn to work as a team and communicate better with your dog.

The class consists of a series of 4 workshops which may be purchased and attended separately or purchased as a package at a discounted rate.  Each class will focus on different obstacles and exercises. People who buy the 4 class package will receive instruction on foundational skills for all types of obstacles.  By purchasing sessions individually, you may repeat the same session to better your skills on the obstacle.

  • Workshop 1:  Tunnels and Targets
  • Workshop 2:  Jumps
  • Workshop 3:  Weaving
  • Workshop 4:  Contact Obstacles

All dogs in the class should have a basic knowledge of dog obedience behaviors such as sit,down, stay, and come as those will be used in class, but are not lessons taught in this class.  Dogs should also be friendly with other dogs and humans.

We will be meeting weekly at Cooper Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Sundays at 11am.

Starting Date: April 28, 2019

Instructor:  Jen Strum, CTC CPDT-KA

Price: $40 per individual class or $120 for 4 class package

Feel free to call Jen at 347-560-3647 or email with any questions regarding the class.

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