Feel free to call Jen at 347-560-3647 or email jenstrum@friendtothefurry.net with any questions regarding the class


PLEASE NOTE: This class is not for dogs who are reactive or aggressive.  If you have a dog who is reactive or aggressive, please contact me about in-home consultations and private lessons

Our next round of classes will meet on Saturdays at 11:40am at MacGolrick Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (exact location given upon registration)

Total cost for 3 weeks of group lessons: $120
Starting Date:  May 19, 2018
Instructor:  Jen Strum, CTC CPDT
Register using the form on this page (You may need to scroll if on a cell phone or tablet)

This class deals specifically with loose leash walking and heeling.  In this class, you will learn how to train your dog to walk on a leash without pulling.

Walking a dog in New York City can be an especially trying and frustrating experience if your dog does not walk well on a leash.  Whether your dog doesn’t get what a leash is for, your dog thinks the leash is a tool to pull you down the street, your dog is unmotivated to walk with you, you’d just like your walks to be more pleasant, or you’ d like to feel more like a team when walking your dog, this class is a way of doing just that while also getting the benefits of continued socialization and real world distractions.

Through structured loose leash walking and heeling exercises, students will learn how to motivate and engage their dogs to increase their dogs’ focus on them during walks, causing dogs to listen better and move better with their owners.

The exercises used range from simple obedience style loose leash walking exercises to heeling exercises used in competitive obedience and agility, giving students a variety of ways to train their dogs and many tools to fall back on to teach their dogs better leash walking skills.

The class takes place outdoors in our local parks to provide plenty of room to work as well as real-life distractions.

Each round of classes includes 3 sessions where different leash walking skills will be taught.

Loose Leash Walking and Heeling Registration Application

Registration is complete upon receipt of  enrollment fee and approval is based on an assessment interview conducted over the phone.  

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