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Friend to the Furry's Perfect Puppy Program is a weekly puppy kindergarten class to teach puppies (age 8 weeks to 5 mos) about the world around them and necessary basic behaviors, while gaining invaluable exposure to other puppies during free play periods. 

The Perfect Puppy Program is a rotating puppy class, which means your puppy can enroll at any time and come to the very next class session.   You can even start the same week. 

We welcome new puppies every Thursday giving each puppy a chance to meet new friends as old friends graduate.

Each of our classes include a handling/socialization lesson, a problem prevention lesson, and a basic manners lesson covering basic behaviors, as well as playtime.

Class topics include:

  • Puppy Socialization - Learn how to properly introduce your pup to the people, things, and noises around them while creating positive associations, and learn to teach your dog to calmly accept being held, groomed, and handled
  • Proper play with your pup and how to teach them through play.
  • How to stop puppy nipping and teach your puppy about bite inhibition
  • Problem Prevention (Preventing Biting, Chewing, Separation Anxiety, Guarding Food Bowls and Valued Objects, and more
  • Basic Behaviors  Such As Sit, Down, Come When Called
  • Impulse Controls Such as Leave-It, Stay, and Wait

Classes meet weekly on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm for registered and approved puppies at Buddy's Dog Den, 429 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 . We have classes every Thursday unless otherwise noted.

Next class:  This Thursday!  Please use the form on this page to register and wait for approval before attending.
Total cost for 6 weeks of group lessons: $240
Instructor:  Jen Strum, CTC CPDT

Friend to the Furry is proud to abide by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior's guidelines for puppy socialization.  Our class space is clean, safe, and indoors.  We use veterinary strength cleaning agents and all class materials are sterilized or brand new.  We ask that all puppies have begun their vaccination schedule with their first DHPP or DHLPP vaccination and be clear and free of diseases and parasites at least one week prior to the start of class.  All puppies must continue their vaccination schedule with their vets throughout the course of the class.

Feel free to call Jen at 347-560-3647 or email with any questions regarding the Perfect Puppy Program

Perfect Puppy Class Registration Application

Registration is complete upon receipt of  enrollment fee and approval is based on an assessment interview conducted over the phone.  

Perfect puppy program - puppy socialization/training class