* A Note on Puppy Socialization

Puppy socialization is one of the most vital importances during puppyhood.  From the time your pup is 8 weeks old through the time they are about 5 months old, they are very sensitive to new experiences.  It is important that during this time puppies have positive experiences with all sorts of people, places, and things (as well as other animals) to avoid fear and aggression issues in the future and to keep your puppy well-adjusted.  Part of socialization is also making sure your puppy is learning in a way that creates a positive association with the world around them.  Friend to the Furry keeps this in mind with all puppy services and also incorporates specific socialization lessons in our Perfect Puppy Program puppy kindergarten group classes (one of the best ways to socialize your puppy to other pups).


It's Never Too Early to Start Training

One of the best things you can do for your puppy is to start your puppy's training early and correctly.  Puppies don't stay puppies forever (technically only 6 months).  It is desirable to work on your puppy problems before they become well-practiced big dog issues (even if your "big" adult dog is only 6 pounds).  Friend to the Furry's puppy training services will teach you and your puppy, so you learn how to raise a happy, friendly, well-adjusted dog, by starting off right from the beginning.

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Better Living through Puppy Training

Puppy training, when done correctly,  can actually improve the quality of your life as well as your puppy's.

Puppy problems are often bigger issues for the owners than the puppies - housetraining, chewing, biting and nipping. Basically, all of these are natural behaviors for puppies.  By teaching puppies what they should be doing instead, we are able to eliminate these problems while still satisfying the needs that cause them.

Puppy Training Services

Friend to the Furry offers in-home consultations as well as group classes and day training services teaching puppies through positive reinforcement methods that they can begin to learn through as early as 2 weeks of age! These gentle methods work best for young pups in that they allow the puppy to learn what they need to do while creating a bond between puppy and owner and a positive association with the world around them.

  • In -home consultations available in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and parts of Queens for housetraining, chewing, basic behaviors, and any other needs you may have
  • Puppy Training Classes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn focusing on socialization, problem prevention, and basic behaviors
  • Preparing for your Puppy Sessions -
    Before you even get your puppy, steps can be taken to start off correctly. With the proper knowledge, many puppy problems can be prevented before you even get your puppy through properly setting up of your living space (puppy proofing), and having the right toys and supplies. During our In-home Puppy Preparation consultation, you will learn how to set up your home to make your puppy comfortable, assist in proper housetraining, prevent chewing of your personal items, and keep your puppy safe.   Puppy parenting can be a tough job.  Preparing for your puppy with the proper knowledge can make it easier for both you and your puppy


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